Sara M. Ernst, PhD

Associate Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy, University of South Carolina


University of South Carolina

Performance Pedagogy, MUSC 573 / 574
Two-semester course for undergraduate pianists, with co-requisite laboratory
Teaching Laboratory, MUSC 573L / 574L, and MUSC 575L
Two-semester lab in teaching children and adults (co-requisite to course), and additional individualized lab experience
Seminar in Piano Pedagogy, MUSC 774
Graduate course, second of two-semester sequence
Topics in Piano Pedagogy, MUSC 776
Topics have included Wellness and Peak Performance, and Research in Piano Pedagogy
Applied Piano (various course nos.), Undergraduate and Graduate
Including semester lessons, studio classes, and recital preparation
Student Research, Undergraduate and Graduate
Independent Research, Honor's Thesis, Master's Thesis, Doctoral Treatise, Doctoral Dissertation
Group Piano I, MUSC 155
Keyboard proficiency courses for non-keyboard music majors

Additional courses at other institutions:

Class Piano (multiple courses), University of Missouri-Columbia
Keyboard proficiency courses (levels 1-4) for non-keyboard music majors, and introduction to keyboard for non-music majors
Experiencing Music, University of Oklahoma
General music course for non-music majors
Keyboard Skills, University of Oklahoma
Musicianship skills for piano performance majors